My good friend from Canada is visiting.

Yesterday we decided to go and spend the day in London, but as we were working out the details, It was adding up to more than I’d expected.
But as I sat there I just felt God remind us we were blessed.

On a ‘whim’ I searched again for train tickets and this tine I found train tickets that worked out less for both of us combined than for one of us on the other sites.

When we arrived in London, we needed tickets for the Underground so I went to a machine, but felt like I should go to speak to a real person.  As we went to the window, my friend found a book of coupons including every attraction we wanted to cover all at half price!

Then we headed to Shakespeare’s Globe theatre.  We weren’t quite sure of the way. And this particular guy and two ladies jumped out at me  (not literally of course) to ask for directions .  When I spoke to them, the two ladies told us they worked at the Globe and we’re heading back and so we walked with them!

All that seems trivial, but I believe that God inspired our actions yesterday and we were blessed!  There was no point to it in the sense that there was no great spiritual occurrence,  it was just because!

Because we have been adopted into God’s family.  We can now call him ‘daddy’. To sone people that’s disrespectful; God should be kept at s distance.  While I have deep an awesome respect for the Creator of the universe, there are also days when I just want to run to my daddy, climb up in His lap and just be!

Today Abba (Daddy) wants you to know that’s he wants to do good things for you, just because.
Allow him to live you in the little things, just as much in the big stuff!

Have a great weekend.