I was thinking today how easy it is to get involved with rushing around!

I remember not long after John and I were married, it was Christmas time and one Saturday we had been asked to help a friend move.  Another person came to ask us if we could help with a Charity Carol singing event, and then another person wanted us to help with Carol singing round the neighbourhood for the church.  There were a couple of other things too, and suddenly we found ourselves overbooked.

We did everything we had agreed to but it was a rush.  As soon as something was finished we had to run off to the next thing.  The people we were helping out all wanted us to linger and fellowship for a bit, but we couldn’t. 

After that, we agreed a better way for us to consider what we got involved with so we didn’t have to rush around.

Rushing and busyness are symptoms of a modern world, but these are not how Jesus live.  Consider Mark 5.. Jesus has just been approached by Jairus and he’s heading off to deal with his sick daughter.  As he goes off the woman with the issue of blood touches the hem of his garment, and Jesus feels virtue (power) come out of him so he stops. Asking the craziest of questions, given the fact he was surrounded by a tonne of people he says “Who touched me?”.  He then has a conversation with the woman.   He takes the time to even reassure her of her healing.

He could have just rushed off to sort out Jarius’ daughter,  but he doesn’t.  Jesus was never in a rush.  He took time with people. 

Psalm 19:2 saysEven as a soul without knowledge is not good, so he that maketh haste with his feet sinneth.

It means, that just as an ignorant person is going to have issues, so rushing around means you’ll miss the mark. 

Rushing around can be stressy, but more than that, it can mean we miss things, details, opportunities, but mostly people!  Don’t be in such a rush that you miss people.  People are important to God, they should be important to us.

This week try and slow down and make sure you don’t miss moments with those you meet in your work place, school or daily activities; you just never know how a seemingly insignificant moment, could be a life-changer!

Have a great week.