About Us

John is passionate about helping others fulfill their calling. He loves to encourage and teach, especially about Dreams & Visions.

John Elshaw

Abi is passionate about helping people understand God’s love for them through teaching and worship and particularly loves to equip women to help them fulfill their destiny. 

Abi Elshaw

John and Abi married in 1995.  They met through their involvement in performing arts and worship.   They have travelled all over the world teaching, leading worship, performing skits & plays and running youth events.

John and Abi have always served in their local church; they felt that God was calling them to more, but they didn’t know how to get to there.They began to hear a full grace message from Andrew Wommack Ministries in 2000.  They moved to Colorado in 2004 to attend Charis Bible College. This move to the US was the first step to opening up what God had for them.

They came from very different backgrounds: John wasn’t raised in a Christian family and was saved through a dramatic open vision just before he turned 18 (you can watch his full testimony here) whereas Abi was born into a Christian home and got saved at 6 years old.

Charis teachings brought them both onto the same page spiritually, and they began to see the need to take this life-changing message out to other people.  In 2006 after their graduation, they returned to the UK to live in the West Midlands where they worked for Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College Walsall for 8 years. During this time God was training them for the future.  They served in varying capacities between them including Pastoral Care,  Audio/Visual, Finances, Teaching, Worship, 3rd Year Coordinator and Production Manager.  This set them up ready to move to Toronto, Canada in 2013 where they launched the first Canadian campus for the Bible school.

After 5 years the Canadian school had grown from just 12 students, to nearly 70 students in school as well as over 100 correspondence students.  The school was succesful in many ways – the students, successful mission trips, and healthy finances were just some indicators of the blessings of God. John & Abi felt the Lord calling them back to the UK for a season of rest and refreshing, and returned to their home town in June 2018.

Since then, John and Abi have helped grow and develop churches, through preaching, teaching, worship, children’s ministry, youth work, administration, live-streaming and recording. Today, they still live in Hampshire, are part of local church and travel to minister wherever God leads.