About Us

John and Abi have been married for over 20 years. Their journeys are both very different, but together they are pursuing all that God has for them. John wasn’t born into a Christian family, but had a dramatic conversion experience when he was approaching his 18th birthday. In an open vision, he saw the Lord and saw that he was heading to hell, not for his actions, but simply for not accepting Jesus as his savior. In December 1988, he gave his life to Jesus.
Abi was raised by Christian parents, and so gave her heart to the Lord when she was 6.

While John was newly qualified as a chef, he felt that he wasn’t fulfilled in his work. He came across an International Christian Theatre Company, and joined them, traveling around Europe performing plays in English, German & Italian.
In 1993 he returned to the English South Coast where his family were, and where Abi also lived.

They met at a concert where John was playing harmonica, and doing mime. Afterwards, discovering they shared a passion for drama, they exchanged phone numbers and began to perform and teach drama around the county.

Abi joined the theatre company herself for a short tour, and on her return, they got engaged, and were married in October 1995. They lived in Paulsgrove, Hampshire, serving in their local church, knowing that God had more for them, but not knowing how to get there.

In 2004, things radically changed for them when they left Hampshire, England and moved to Colorado, USA to study at Charis Bible College, and serve Andrew Wommack Ministries Inc.
After nearly 10 years of marriage, they began to understand the grace message, and felt they moved onto the same page spiritually. From that point they began to more effectively minister, both independently and together.

Since graduation in 2006, they served Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College in the UK and, most recently as Directors of the first Canadian Charis campus.

John and Abi have been privileged to serve believers across the world through teaching, worship, training, drama, youth work, audio and visual services and prayer ministry.

They returned to the UK in 2018 to continue in what God has for them.