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The Resurrection

Preaching at Hill Park Baptist church, 21st April 2019

Abi on revival @ The Rock Church - Oct 19, 2018


How to recieve a miracle - John Elshaw

Men's Advance - Friday Evening John Elshaw

Campus Days - John Elshaw

Join us at Campus Days 2017 as John Elshaw shares from the Word.

Time of Refreshing - Abi Elshaw

Abi Elshaw shares at the Time of Refreshing Women’s Day conference at Charis Toronto.

Campus Days - Abi Elshaw

Join us for Campus Days 2017 as Abi Elshaw shares from the Word.

Woman Arise Conference Session 4 - Abi Elshaw

Published on Apr 2, 2017

The Lord’s Ministry House-Pastor Ian Taylor Church in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

A Prosperous Soul - Saturday AM Session - John Elshaw

John Elshaw shares at the Prosperous Soul conference at Calgary Life Church in Calgary, Alberta.

John Preaching on Shalom