Today I want to think about faith and action.  James tells us that faith without works is dead and that faith will be shown by works.   Sometimes, we need to look at what other people see from us and decided whether we are in faith or not.  What I mean is if our lives look the same as someone who is not a Christian, then we’re not walking in faith.  
We sing songs like “If faith can move the mountains, then let the mountains move!”  Or “I walk by faith and not by sight!”  but if we cave at the first sign of trouble, we take fear at the first report of bad news, or if we are grumpy and discouraged over every obstacle we face, then we’re not living by faith!  
I like this verse in 1 Samuel 12:24.  In the KJV it reads:Only fear the Lord, and serve him in truth with all your heart; for consider how great things he hath done for you!
That word CONSIDER means a lot of things, but it includes in its definitions TO SEE, TO ADVISE YOURSELF, TO ENJOY!
I think that’s quite inspiring!   When we consider how great things God has done for us, it will cause us to reverence the Lord and serve him in truth (that word TRUTH comes from a root meaning STABILITY).   
Whether Christian or secular, it is agreed, that what you are a product of your choices, your thoughts. What we think upon and dwell on, will colour who we are and how we behave.  
Consider a child that is consistently praised and loved, he or she will attempt new things, but a child who is told they are stupid over and over, will simply not try, because they have already concluded that they would only fail anyway. 
If you see that your actions and behaviour are not faith-filled, the great news is, that there is always time to change that.   Start to meditate on and consider (see, advise yourself of, think upon) all that God has done for you.  If you are struggling to do that, start with salvation – Jesus died to give you life and put you in right-standing with God.    Think about heaven, think about God’s promises, think about creation, think about every time you have seen God move in your life…
When you begin to consciously consider his great works, you really can’t live normally.  It causes you to be in awe and makes you want to live in the stability of his truth. 
Today, if you recognize that some days or in some areas you are not living with God’s kind of faith, it’s a simple change to consider what you’re considering, and make some changes!
Have a great weekend