I’m not a super sci-fi fan, but I’ve watched a few things of that genre.  Star Trek had a group of aliens that assimilated every culture they met into their own.  Everyone became Borg.   Every time they found people to ‘convert’, they told them “resistance is futile” on the basis that they believed everyone would eventually conform.   I think it is Captain Jean-Luc Picard who proves this theory wrong.  He resists the Borg, and of course the Enterprise wins!

Some times there are battles to fight for sure, but sometimes, what’s really needed is to resist the devil and watch him run.

In James it says:
Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

When we feel ‘under attack’ from the enemy we have two things to do.  Firstly we “submit to God”. Submit means to bring yourself under something.  We bring ourselves under God by agreeing with his Word, doing things his way and seeing it all from his perspective.

The second part of it is to resit the devil. ‘Resist’ means to ‘set oneself against’.   When we do the first part (submitting to God), we will automatically set ourselves against the devil!

The biggest hinderance to this, is the fact that if we don’t know the Word, then sometimes there is confusion in our lives about what is God and what is the devil.  For example if you believe God uses sickness to teach us something, when it comes, you will submit to the sickness.   This is true in multiple situations.  Once again, it all comes back to knowing the Word.

As we get into the Word we see God’s nature, and it begins to become clear what He is for and what he is against. God will never use sickness to discipline us, or teach us something.  God will never use poverty to show us his love. God will never make us sin.  God will never instruct us to be hateful.   When we know his Word, we can identify what comes from the devil and then we can set ourselves against that.  As we resist Satan’s lies and deceptions and bring ourselves under God, then Satan will flee from us..Why?  Because suddenly he knows we know!!  He knows we know who we are.  He knows we know what we are, and he knows we know what we can do through Christ in us.

Spiritual warfare isn’t hard!  Spiritual warfare happens mostly between your ears, and as we submit to God and resist the devil, we will see victory.