This week has been crazy busy, which seems to be a normal state for me to be in.

I love all the things I do, but looking over my calendar, there’s not a lot of space in the lead up to Christmas, but the truth is, no how matter how busy I get,  I could always make time in my day or week for something I really waned to do.

If someone offered me a million pounds to attend an event, I reckon I could figure out something to get me there!

In Matthew 6:33 it says ‘seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you”

In the preceding verses Jesus was speaking about all the physical needs we have: food, drink clothing.   Then he says when we seek for God’s things first, all the other things we need come to our lives as result.

In reality,  if we perceive something is valuable we will make room, space or time for it in our lives no matter what!

One of the things I consistently see with Christians is that we don’t see the value of the word, so we bi-pass it.  We get a ‘fix’ of it on Sunday, or maybe at once a week at a bible study, but we don’t crave the word and seek it first and foremost.

But the Word, when we follow it will lead to all the other things that we need for life.

Today look at what fills your days and see what you value.  If it’s not the Word, know that when you seek first God’s Kingdom,  and make space in your life for God’s Kingdom, it will be your best life!