Just a short thought today.  I was reading in Joshua.  The part in particular was where the people of Gibeon have heard of the Israelites defeat of the people of Ai and they know that they’re likely to be next.

So they cook up a plan to make it look like they’ve been travelling for ages.  They get old clothes, old shoes, old food and old wineskins.

When they find Joshua they want to make a deal with Israel, a treaty.

They show Joshua and the team all their stuff, and then it says in Joshua 9:14 they “…asked not the counsel at the mouth of the Lord”

So often we go into a situation and we take in what we ‘see’; only what we can take note of with our senses.  We look at natural evidence and we don’t seek counsel from the Lord.

How many times have we tried to find solutions by these method.  God’s ways are higher than ours, and so when we look at a situation only from a natural perspective we are missing a whole dimension.

It’s not wise to try and solve or navigate situations, challenges and problems by ourselves when we have The Creator of the Universe living on the inside of you; the one who knows the beginning and the end!

It would save us a lot of heartache or stress if we would simply ‘ask for counsel at the mouth of the Lord!’ Instead of relying on the evidence we see, go to the Word and the Lord for direction.

That’s it. Short and simple!

Have a great week.