I was thinking today just how busy life can be.   There is so much we can fill our time with. not bad stuff, but just stuff.  There are iPads, phones, computers, Facebook, Youtube TV, Sky, shopping, the gym, visiting friends, gardening, decorating, music and so much more stuff that we can fill out lives with every day.  That is a 21st century problem.

In the Psalms the word SELAH appears multiple times.  While the origin of this word isn’t certain there are some theories about what it means.

One common theory is that it is a musical term meant to denote a PAUSE in the song.

I really like that idea.  Often it comes after a really deep thought like Psalm 68:18 “Blessed be the Lord who daily loads us with his benefits.  The Lord God of our SalvationSELAH

I can see why it would be really good for us to stop there for just a moment and reflect on the magnitude of that verse.

I asked a friend of mine who is from Nazareth, what the word SELAH meant to her, and she said that it means “To meditate on God and ponder”.

I think that the bottom line (and I have mentioned this before lol) that we need to be mindful about what we do with our time.  We need to MAKE ourselves take a pause,  stop, to mediate on God and ponder.  Make time during our days to meditate on God’s wonderfulness and awesome blessings.

As we take moments to consider these things, I believe gratitude will be a bi-product, and joy will be the result.  It’s good all round!

So whatever your doing this week, take a break from time to time; set a daily alarm maybe and take a moment to ponder the amazingness and greatness of the God we serve and are loved by!