I am sure that many women will totally identify with this, but it amuses me when my husband asks me ‘Where is my…?”  I tell him where the item is, to which he inevitably replies “I looked there”.  The thing is, for whatever reason, when John looks for something, he doesn’t see what I see!

I want to think about a couple of passages from the bible.   12 spies have been sent out to ‘spy out’ the land and see whether they think it can be conquered.

When they come back, Joshua and Caleb say “Let’s go!  With God, we got this!” The other 10 spies say “No way!  We got there and we saw all these giants.  We felt like grasshoppers and that’s what they actually think of us!!!”  (My paraphrase).

The 10 spies saw something totally different to Joshua and Caleb.  You could say the 10 only looked at a natural perspective, while Joshua and Caleb saw things from God’s perspective; a land promised by God, and knowing that God was with them.

Something interesting about this whole scenario is that; later on Rahab was talking about the Israelites and she said “When we heard you were coming our way, we were terrified, because we knew God was with you.”  She totally dispels the myth that they thought of the Israelites as grasshoppers. That just wasn’t true!

Sometimes we see things from a completely carnal way, but then we can also assume that the enemy sees it the same way; it’s a double blow.Instead we need to see things the way God does!  When we do that we see that we are ‘well able’ to overcome it!  (Numbers 13:30)

If you don’t know how God sees things, then we go to his Word and it shows us everything we need to know!

So whatever situation you are looking at right now, stop and think “What does God’s perspective of this situation look like?”  Get on the same page as God and see what happens.