This weekend we are at Andrew Wommack’s Grace & Faith Conference. The UK Charis Bible College celebrated their Graduation this afternoon.   Since we were students ourselves, while we were Directors and even now as we are here, the question is often posed ‘what next?’

As we consider that question, I am reminded that we can only answer it in light of what we see on the inside of us, and sometimes we have put so many limitations on ourselves, but what we ‘see’.

Abraham and Sarah were promised a baby but they were too old!  Things had stopped working in their bodies!! But in Hebrews they are hailed as heroes of faith!  Why? Because they believed God!

We have a phrase ‘seeing is believing’ and it means that you have to see something with your own eyes before you believe it.  I think this is still true of us as believers, but instead of seeing with physical eyes, we need to see it with spiritual eyes. God told Abraham he would be the Father of many nations!  Abraham was sitting in his tent, when God tells him to go outside and look up to the stars, and look down at the sand. God gives him a picture he cans see on the inside and when he gets it, he believes!

Joseph saw himself as a leader (sun and moon and stars bowing to him) long before he served in Egypt, and Caleb and Joshua saw themselves well able to take the land, while the rest of the team saw themselves as puny grasshoppers. 

What has God told you about yourself?  Has he told you will be a Pastor, has he given you the idea to run your own business?  Has he given you a gift to lead worship? A passion to serve in practical ways in your church?  Or are you struggling with his promises of healing or provision?  

If you are hindered in any of these areas, I put it to you, that perhaps the problem is what you ‘see’. Do you see (imagine) yourself leading, healed, serving, prosperous and successful?  Or do you see yourself as a victim, a failure or incapable?

Imagination is a powerful gift from the Lord. The dictionary defines imagination as: the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses.God gave us this ability to ‘see’ first so our believing will follow.  

Have a great weekend!