My husband loves outdoorsy stuff. My idea of ‘rouging it’ is a 3 Star hotel!   Yesterday his new tent arrived.  Eager and excited to check it out, he put it up the garden, where we slept for the night!!!

As I was looking at his tent set up in the lovely garden, the Lord spoke to me.  Now I’m not saying that the tent isn’t great for camping, but in contrast to the house we are living in, it isn’t comparable.

It’s small, one room, no bathroom, you can’t stand up, it’s got no heating or cooling.  It has no kitchen, nowhere to wash our clothes, no sofas or arm chairs, dining room or comfy bed.  It will do for camping, but it’s not home.  That’s just to start with.

God showed me that many Christians live like that; setting up the tent in the garden of a castle.  They are choosing to live in a way that is not taking advantage of everything Christ has purchased for us!  We can see it, we can believe it exists, but for some reason (false humility, fear, ignorance maybe) we choose not to live in the blessings of the Lord.  We stay outside looking in, making do with basics, just enough.  It’s a poverty mentality and at its root it’s selfish!

You may say “No I am not selfish, I am very humble, I just need enough to get by” but this is rubbish!  The scripture says that Jesus came to give us life ABUNDANTLY!!  If you’re not living a full life, you’re living in a tent next to a fully functional castle!

We’re not to believe God for this so we can consume it upon our own lusts, but the bible says that we are blessed to be a blessing, and it’s good for us to be in a position to give to every good work!  We should be asking God for more than enough, and looking for opportunities to be a blessing.

We’ve got to stop thinking that our God wants us to scrape by, and start realizing that we are sons and daughters of THE MOST HIGH!!   We need to ditch the tent mentality and move in to the castle and enjoy the blessings of the Lord.  We are to let our light shine before men so that glory might go to God!

Once again, I’m not talking about having a bunch of money or stuff, so we can be greedy, but we should be living a blessed life.  Today move out the tent and into the castle!!